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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Benefits of Chocolate BY Dr.Twert

Chocolates can help you lose weight and make you healthy and beautiful.

In general, sweet foods are considered as poison by people who want to lose weight. In fact, the diet of chocolate helps lose weight and make you healthy and beautiful. We can say that everyone loves chocolate! With a history of 3000 years, chocolate not only have good taste, but also have many functions. They help control diets and anti-oxidation function. Some people even use candy bars to have a spa.

Health and beauty are associated with chocolate.

Derived from the ancient Mayan culture, chocolate was used as a medicine at the beginning. At that time, people called them "drink of the gods." Made from cocoa beans, chocolates themselves are not that high in calories. But now people think they can cause fat because a lot of sugar, nuts and milk added during production. Pure cocoa beans do not contain much fat. In addition, caffeine inhibits the appetite. Phenyl ethylamine brings happy emotions such as love. Isoflavone prevent swelling. Therefore, the Japanese asked for a way to lose weight in chocolate. But here means chocolates dark chocolates contain more cocoa beans than 70%. When you want to eat a snack or meal before you eats a piece of it, you feel full and do not want to eat much food. However, you can eat more than 50 mg of dark chocolate every day.

Chocolate is a natural antidepressant

According to one survey, 38% of German women and 34 French women eat chocolate to make them cheer. Many doctors also use to alleviate depression, because contain much magnesium calms nerves and removes depression. Eating chocolate stimulates the pleasure center of your brain and reduces adrenaline. Thus, many women eat them to ease the discomfort caused by menstruation. But do not eat too many, because tramline in chocolate can cause headache.

Chocolates are a function of anti-oxidation

Free radicals are recognized cause of aging and therefore anti-oxidation is the first step to combat aging. Polyphones of cocoa has 4 times the anti-oxidation than in green tea. Cacao oil smoothes and softens skin. Before France, chocolates can be eaten by the gentry. But today almost everyone can have them.

Chocolate can be used in spa at the Four Seasons in France, famous for its spa; spa chocolate is the most popular. Let the body experience the charm of the chocolate immediately. There, ladies love to massage oil with high quality chocolate and wrap their bodies with hot chocolate.

Chocolates prevent artery blockages

Appropriate amount of dark chocolate promotes blood circulation and therefore reduce the likelihood of artery blockages because they contain a substance called flavanol contained in grapes, apples, green tea, cocoa and especially beans.

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